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EZ-2700 Compost Turner
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EZ-2700 Compost Turner

The new look EZ-27oo compost windrow turner has been redesigned with strength, looks and most importantly performance in mind. The revolutionary “up size” capability is a world first and enables you to future proof your composting needs as your requirements grow.  The 100% Powder-coated frame construction gives long lasting protection to the parent metals in a particularly corrosive environment.

The drum has been remodeled based on a decade of field testing and provides the ultimate in compost aeration and blending.  The robust paddle design lends itself to maintenance friendly servicing when required.

Water is a very important part of any composting operation and the EZ-2700 has a new water delivery system, which enables full coverage of the windrow, with even delivery of the water from overhead watersprays.

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Product Description

The entire Compost Windrow Turner can be connected to a tractor in less than 5 minutes and is ready for operation.  The in-tractor hydraulic steering mechanism enables the operator to steer the unit while sitting in the cab ensuring an accurate line can be maintained during the turning process.

The 100% Australian manufactured Compost Windrow Turner can be transported between properties with ease with the addition of the bolt on travel dollies, which remain on the unit whilst in operation.

The EZ range of compost turners only use Australian manufactured parts including the gearbox, PTO Shafts and hydraulic lines ensuring the quality doesn’t stop at the manufacturing stage.

The on-board water cart drawbar enables the turner to be coupled up to a water wagon in seconds.  The drawbar folds away when not in use.

The unit comes standard with in cab hydraulic height control, which enables the operator to trim the height of the drum to ensure 100% of the compost is being captured during the turning process.

Every machine is manufactured using the latest technology in CNC machinery ensuring the quality of manufacture is repeated every time.

The EZ range of compost turners provides the ultimate in compost turning machinery ensuring the perfect shaped windrows produce rich organic Compost time after time.

Additional Information

Drum Size

2700 mm

Min Tractor HP/KW

75 hp (56 kw)

PTO Speed


Drum RPM


Tow Speed

330m per hr

Windrow H/W

1.4 m x 2.7 m


950m3 / hr

Creeper or Hyrdostatic



2300 kg


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