EZ-Aerator Heavy Duty Series
EZ Stump It

EZ Stump It

The Stump-it range of stump grinders are developed by EZ Machinery for your tree service business, landscape company or farm operation. No need to buy a stand alone self propelled tree stump removal machine, when you can buy a stump grinder attachment for equipment you already own.

The Stump-it series comes in 500, 600 and 750 diameter cutting discs.

  • The 500 designed for standard or occasional use. This attachment has a cutting diameter of 500mm and a 6 inch cut depth per pass.
  • The 600 is for your middle sized landscape business and has 8 inch cut depth.
  • The 750 is for heavy duty landscaping and has 8 inch cut per pass.

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Product Description

  • Australian made
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Durable for Australian environment
  • Direct drive motor
  • Standard Tree Grab built in 2 locations
  • Up to 8” deep cut
  • Billet bearing housing
  • Custom Hitch
  • Compact design

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