Bagging Machine For Different Purposes

Our semi-automated bagging machines are built tough and designed to handle a vast range of products across a wide range of industries such as   agricultural, landscaping, food and earthmoving. Whether you’re bagging manure, cattle feed or working with other materials like sand, gravel, grains and soil, speed and efficiency is the focus. Our packing machines will help you pack these items quickly.

When running a business, it’s always important to prioritise time – especially when it comes to manual tasks like bagging materials. The EZ Machinery Bag-It range makes short work of bagging and allows you to spend more time on other tasks.

We offer two high-quality bagging & packing machines: the Bag-it 15 and the Bag-it 30. These units offer complete solutions for bagging and sealing. Check the specs and features of each EZ bagging machine to find out more about what they can do. If you need more information or have any questions, please call us on 1300 736 982 or send us a message.

Features of EZ Bagging Machines

EZ Bag-It Machines offer several useful features that make it among the finest bagging machines in the market today:

  • 100% powder-coated framing – Provides higher resistance to corrosion and damage.
  • 100% Australian-made – All EZ Bag-It Machines are manufactured and assembled in our South East Queensland facility, ensuring compliance with Australian standards.
  • Fast bagging – Pack up to 240 bags per hour (rate based on 20kg bags).
  • PLC Controlled Touch Screen – Ensures accurate and consistent filling of each bag.
  • Volume or Weight Bagging – Touch screen selection for bagging by time or weight.
  • Bulka Bag Capability – A quick and easy attachment enables filling.
  • Operator friendly – ergonomically designed. Adjust the height of the front conveyor to suit your working preferences.
  • Heavy Duty Construction – 5mm wall hopper and conveyor.
  • Anti-Bridging – utilises the anti-bridging shaft and revolutionary air cannon eliminating clogging.
  • Built-in Air Compressor – supplies 100% of air required to run the machine.
  • Power Requirement – Simply attach our EZ bagging machine to a 240V power source, and you’re good to go.
  • Built-in Forklift Pockets – For easy transport and quick manoeuvring on-site.
  • Adjustable Legs – Adjustable legs for uneven surfaces.
  • Built-in Sealer/Stitcher – For fast and effective sealing of bags.
  • Easy Operation – Bagging functions are controlled by the touch screen. Foot pedals activate the clamping and sealer.
  • Optional Accessories – Each EZ bagging machine can be simply upgraded with additional accessories like weighing scales, anti-slip detectors, load out conveyors, load in and bagging conveyors, mixers, bulka bag kits.

+ Saves time – Increase productivity resulting in increased revenue.

+ More consistent packing – Automated bagging machine features ensure you pack consistent volumes of material in each bag.

+ Minimises Worker Fatigue –Automated functions and ergonomic features reduces operator fatigue

+ Reduce workplace injury – Our Bagging & Packing Machines take out the manual component of bagging.

Get a Tough, High-Performing Bagging Machine!

If you’re looking for a high-quality bagging machine, your search ends here at EZ machinery. We offer some of the best and most cost-effective bagging machines available in the market, providing top-notch features at reasonable prices.

Browse through each model today to find out how well they suit your needs. If you need more information about our bagging machine equipment, simply talk to one of our specialists by calling 1300 736 982.

You can also contact our team for any other questions you may have about these units.

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