Australian Made Compost turners

Our EZ Series windrow compost turners are proudly Australian made. Through many years of manufacturing, research and development, they have evolved to be among the best value and most productive compost turners on the market today. Our exciting new design means that you can upgrade the EZ-2700 to our larger design, the EZ-3600 simply by purchasing an upgrade package. Our design embodies a cost effective yet efficient solution to bio-remediation, recycling and waste management.

Compost is an effective solution for improving soil structure, and repairing problem soils. The tow-able compost windrow turners have had positive results in assisting with composting operations across various farms, including macadamia, turf, chicken, vineyards, crops, orchards and many more. Studies have shown that composting improves crop quality and yields, soil structure and fertility, water and nutrient holding. We have sold to poultry farms who are using the composters to reduce their waste and improve soil conditions for their crops.

Council waste management facilities are also using our compost turners to assist in reducing and recycling waste and allowing them to sell the end product. A win-win for all!

For more detailed information and specifications on the compost turners, refer to the products below.

Features of EZ Composting Turners

We offer three versions of the EZ Compost Turner to cater to different pile sizes and job requirements:


  • Drum size: 1800mm
  • Tow speed: 350m per hour
  • Windrow H/W: 1m x1.8m
  • Output: 450 cubic metres per hour


  • Drum size: 2700mm
  • Tow speed: 330m per hour
  • Windrow H/W: 1.4mx2.7m
  • Output: 950 cubic metres per hour


  • Drum size: 3600mm
  • Tow speed: 330m per hour
  • Windrow H/W: 1.8m x3.6m
  • Output: 1400 cubic metres per hour

We’ve designed each compost turner to provide the strength and performance you need to create compost day in and day out for several years.

  • 100% Powder-coated Framing – For increased durability and added resistance to corrosion and damage.
  • 100% Australian-made – We only use Australian-manufactured parts including those in the gearbox, hydraulic lines and PTO shafts.
  • Quality Construction – Each EZ Compost Turner is built using the latest CNC machinery, ensuring precise fitments that produce better performance.
  • “Up Size” Capability – The unique design of our compost turners allows you to upgrade easily from a 2.7m drum to 3.6m drum as your demand grows.
  • Large Outputs – Each EZ Compost Turner can handle up to 1400 cubic metres of compost per hour.
  • Quick Installation – Connect compost turner machine to your tractor in less than 5 minutes. Its built-in water cart drawbar also lets you link it to a water wagon in mere seconds.
  • 3D modelled Drum – For more effective aeration and blending of materials in the pile.
  • New Water Delivery System – An improved system that offers full windrow coverage and overhead water sprays that distribute water more evenly.
  • Improved Paddle Design – For easier maintenance and servicing.

Together, these features provide the ultimate cost-effective solution to bio-remediation, recycling and waste management.

Although you can create compost manually without machines, using a professional compost turner provides several benefits:

Create Better Compost – Compost turners let you create higher quality compost. Its paddles allow the materials to break down more effectively, providing more room for the microorganisms to do their work. A compost turner tool also ensures better aeration of the materials, which prevents any missed pockets or hotspots in the pile.

Create Larger Volumes of Compost – A windrow compost turner lets you work with large piles of material, making them ideal for commercial and industrial composting. By handling larger volumes, you can create more compost and take care of more waste material with each operation. This can help you cut costs and lead to significant savings in the long run.

Quicker Compost Making – Compost windrow turners can create compost 2 to 3 times faster than single bucket-turned piles.

Improve soil structure – With higher quality compost available, you can enrich your soil and use it to address several soil issues. You can also use this compost to improve crop quality and yields, soil fertility, water and nutrient holding.

Versatility – Composting turners are used across a wide variety of agricultural industries. Some of these include, macadamia, turf, feedlots, vineyards, crops, orchards and poultry who use compost turners to assist in the management of waste products improving soil conditions.

Reduces and Recycles Waste – Compost turners let you turn waste materials into something beneficial for your crops. For some owners, it can even provide opportunities for earning more money by selling higher quality compost to other farmers and landowners. In fact, many council waste management facilities now use compost turners to turn waste into profitable end-products.

Create High-Quality Compost – Faster!

All our composting turning equipment for sale are designed to help you manage large volumes of material easily, with features that help you create compost quicker than conventional methods. Browse through our range of compost turners to find the best unit for your needs and budget. If you need more information about any of our composting turners, please contact our team.

If you’re looking for a high-quality compost turner for sale in Australia, then our EZ Compost Turners are for you. Our windrow compost turners feature higher specs and improved designs that make compost production easier than ever. Whether for personal use or commercial purposes, our composting turners will help you create more high-quality compost in less time. Call us on 1300 736 982 today to find out how well each EZ Machinery compost turner fits your needs.

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