Disaster Recovery Australia

Australia is a country of extremes. While it might be snowing and freezing in one part of the land, another part is experiencing a heatwave. Or it might be flooding. We are hardened people, Aussies, and we know how to manage adversity. One of the biggest threats comes in the form of flood, and few things are as catastrophic.

At EZ Machinery we know the challenge of trying to ward off the next natural disaster, and we have some machinery which can do double duty in the event of a flood. Our bagging machines are tough and built to last and can bag sand as quickly as required so that you can fortify your assets.  Whether it be local Council, State or Federal Government, Civil Construction, State Emergency Service or any form of Disaster Relief. Our Sandbag Machines are highly efficient and can be relied upon in tough times.

Sandbags for disaster relief

Whenever it floods, it’s a sobering reminder of our fate at the hands of nature. While there is little that can be done for many properties impacted by flood waters, it is possible for flood water to be kept at bay with the help of sandbags.

  • At EZ Machinery, we have the Bag-it 30HT which allows you to create sandbags for disaster relief swiftly.
  • Our bagging machines are a complete solution for your bagging and sealing requirements and ensure that you can safely and efficiently manage your sandbagging needs.

A simple solution is often the most effective, and when it comes to flooding, there’s often little more you can do than sandbag up your home and keep the rising waters at bay. Luckily, sandbagging is a highly effective method of blocking up water!

Impact of sandbags on flooding

Sandbags are useful when you are looking to reduce the impact of flooding on your home or business. While sandbags are not going to act as a watertight seal, they will reduce the amount of water that’s able to enter your property and can ensure that you will be able to stay on top of your water clean-up efforts.

  • Sandbags are cheap and easy to fill and can make a difference in situations where rising water threatens your home
  • A bagging machine is a simple and swift way to load 20 kg and 25 kg sandbags for flood relief efforts

Using sandbags for disaster relief can be the difference between a huge mess and a mop job.

Flood management preparation in Queensland and Australia

We are lucky in Australia that we are home to some of the most beautiful land in the world. But with that land comes a volatility which we must be equipped to handle. Flood management requires a concise plan where you have all the possible bases covered. Along with your evacuation plan, you need to have a defence plan in place which includes things like:

  • Supplies of water and food in case you become isolated and cut off
  • Emergency batteries and a power source like a generator
  • Enough petrol for your car and generator
  • Sandbags ready to go in the event of rapidly rising water
  • An emergency radio and/or satellite phone
  • A plan for flood management including a time to evacuate

At EZ Machinery we understand that flooding can be catastrophic, and we know that Australians are tough enough to go through anything and come out on top. Our bagging machines make creating sandbags easy. And who knows, it might be those sandbags that make the difference between a damaged house and a small clean up job.

Contact EZ Machinery today on 1300 736 832 or contact us online to find out more about our bagging machines and how they can help in your disaster recovery efforts. 

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