EZ-100 Hydraulic Flail Mulcher

You can use the EZ-100 flail mulcher on a range of equipment, from excavators ranging from 5 tonnes to 12 tonnes, through to skid steer loaders, and backhoes. This machine has the capacity to use both standard and high flow hydraulics which makes the EZ-100 mulcher perfect for a range of uses and machines. The mulcher also comes pre-fitted with a high-performance direct drive motor and doesn’t need any after-market cooling.

Enjoy flexibility in use and a range of applications with the wide swing flail cutter drum. You have three flails, two Y-blades and a single hammer or flat blade which is attached to each mounting lug for a truly versatile combination. You will be able to safely cut grass, prune, trim and maintain your lawn or property, while also mulching branches up to 250mm.

This attachment is a great choice when you are pruning, cutting, or maintaining areas which are near homes or buildings thanks to the directional cut debris chute. You’ll also be safe when cutting near obstacles as the cutter will swing back if it hits anything, avoiding damage to your machinery.

Enjoy a range of features with your EZ-100 Hydraulic Flail Mulcher.

  • High-pressure hoses: Enjoy two pre-fitted high-pressure hoses for inlet and outlet, with no case drain needed in most cases.
  • Built-in thumb saddle: Easily pick up and move obstacles like rocks and timber without damaging your mulcher. The thumb saddle can also be used when you want to drag something out of the way quickly and easily.
  • Hydraulic motor: High performance when you need it the most for enhanced power and reduced shaking thanks to pre-fitted anti-vibration mounts.
  • Custom hitch: The custom hitch of the EZ-100 Hydraulic Flail Mulcher means you can fit it to your excavator, backhoe or tractor with lasting performance no matter what. Are you looking for a skid steer loader? You can get this too for an additional cost.

All EZ Machinery machines are manufactured in Brisbane and are built tough to last in the Aussie conditions.

For further information on the 100-EZ flail mulcher including specifications and warranty, please contact us on 1300 736 982.

Working Width 1000 mm
Weight 390 kg
No of Flails 30
Thumb Saddle Yes
Excavator Size 5-12 Tonne
Material Mulches up to 200 mm
Hydraulic Flow Range 50 to 95 LPM
Max Pressure 240 bar
Drum Speed 2000 – 2400 RPM

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