EZ Heavy Duty Series of Soil Aerators

High quality soil aerators are extremely sought after for their ability to make short work of any soil density. The range of EZ Machinery aerators are built tough to tackle even the harshest of the Australian conditions and offer exceptional performance time and time again. Our aerators are made to shatter soil and to allow greater water absorption, leading to stronger crops and hardier pastures.

Our range of EZ soil aerators are custom made in Australia and can be designed to suit your exacting standards. If you need a seed distributor attached to your aerator, we can also arrange for this to fit easily – because all of our machinery is engineered in Brisbane and is made in our warehouse on-site.

Features of EZ Soil Aerators

The heavy-duty frame design and the high wear-resistant tines makes the EZ-Aerator a strong choice for your soil aeration needs. Hitching quickly and easily to your tractor or machinery, the EZ Aerator offers exceptional soil turning and tilling for fast and effective aeration.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Heavy duty shafts and capped bearings
  • Cast tines
  • CNC cut for accuracy
  • 100% powder-coated framing – Provides higher resistance to corrosion and damage.

Every item from us is 100% Australian-made – All EZ Machinery is manufactured and assembled in our South East Queensland facility, ensuring compliance with Australian standards.

When you have an EZ Machinery Aerator to till the soil for you, you benefit from a range of excellent features.

  • You’ll save time. And an increase in productivity will result in increased revenue overall
  • You’ll enjoy consistent soil aeration

Work will be straightforward and easy to manage with this heavy duty tool

Get a Tough, High-Performing Soil Aeration Machine

We are proud of our high quality, heavy duty soil aeration machinery. If you would like to know more, please contact us or take a look at our soil aerators online. We custom-build all of our machinery in-house, so if you’re after something a little different, or something to suit your particular needs, get in touch. We can create whatever you want.

Browse our website, or simply talk to one of our specialists by calling 1300 736 982. You can also contact our team for any other questions you may have about these units.

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