All Of Our Bagging Machines Are Custom Designed & Manufactured in Australia

The Compac-50 semi automated bagging machine range is designed to service industries with the specific requirement to compact products into bags.

A robust design ensures continued bagging and the touch screen control make it easy for operators to program the unit. The unit has been designed to suit a range of commercial feed mixes, grains, organic material, wool, fibres and much more.

The standard bagger comes in a 5m3 hopper and is capable of up to 180 bags an hour. The dual bag system ensures that down time is minimal in between bag changes.

Compac-50 Bagging Machine | EZ Machinery
Four views of a bagging machine | EZ Machinery

The bag kicker can be set up to suit your bag height and aids in settling of the product into the bag.

The powerful direct drive gearbox can be supplied in single or 3 phase.

A pedestal mounted touch screen is positioned next to the operator for simplicity. Accuracy of fill is achieved by load cells positioned on the travers carriage.

The rear discharge chute enables the unit to be cleaned with ease. The reversible screw drives the left over product from the cleanout chute.

4 views of the compac50 bagging machine | EZ Machinery

Powerful compaction Rams ensure the bags are packed firm.

A simple clamping device operates manually on both sides of the chute. The clamps make sure the bag stays in place during filling.

Each corner of the compaction bagger has adjustable legs fitted to enable ergonomic height control for the operator

Optional: Air Cannon eliminates hopper bridging

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