EZ-Skid Steer Mulcher

EZ Mulchers are designed for high performance cutting, and mulching vegetation and undergrowth. The hydraulic mulcher reduces saplings, shrubs and trees into a mulched material, making it idea for environmental maintenance, such as creating fire lanes. Other applications include: reclaiming untilled land, removing foliage from building construction sites, and shredding pruned material and organic waste for biomass production.

  • Dual speed, axial piston hydraulic motor
    Dual speed, axial piston motor provides smooth efficient performance while delivering optimal torque under changing material loads.
  • Robust mulching drum
    Robust Mulching head mulchers trees up to 200mm (8in) diameter for effective land clearing applications.
  • Fixed tooth dynamically balanced rotor
    The heavy duty fixed tooth drum provides excellent operating efficiency at high speed. Dual bolt retention provides quick tooth replacement.
  • Adjustable brush bar push frame
    Standard adjustable push bar allows for control of trees for optimal cutting and efficiency. The low profile design aids operators visibility and the side gussets provide control of the vegetation you’re cutting which improves tooth life.
  • Visual pressure gauge
    4in pressure gauge is standard equipment and provides operator feedback in order to maximise productivity. The gauge gives the operator feedback on the load being applied to the mulcher and enables adjustments be made to maximise productivity in changing material loads.
  • Hydraulically operated front hood
    Hydraulically operated front hood is standard on all models. The quick to open and close door allows for finer finished material to be produced from cutting all types of vegetation.
  • Rear chain guard protection
    Rear chain guard protection reduces spread of material.
  • Hose couplings
    Quick connect couplings come standard on all models.
  • Accessible service panel
    The service panel allows easy access to hoses. The side service panels allow easy access to drive train components during service and inspection.
  • Direct Drive motor
    The EZ-Skid Steer Range come standard with direct drive variable speed motors. Pending the machine size, the units can come with single or dual drive motors.

EZ118 EZ118HF EZ115 EZ115HF
A Overall width 1882 mm 2250mm 1758mm 1950mm
B Working width 1582mm 1880mm 1480mm 1580mm
C Length 1354mm 1142mm 1219mm 1142mm
D Overall height 1480mm 1579mm 1281mm 1579mm
Weight 1550 Kg 1550 Kg 1200 Kg 1200 Kg
Drive method Direct
Direct Dual
Direct Dual
Motor Axial piston
dual speed
Axial piston
dual speed
Axial piston
dual speed
Axial piston
dual speed
Optimum hydraulic
flow L/min (gpm)
96-117  (25-31) 120-125  (31-33) 96-117  (25-31) 120-125  (31-33)
Optimum hydraulic
pressure bar (psi)
230 (3330) 280  (4060) 230  (3330) 280  (4060)
Drum Speed
range rpm
2480-3020 2140-2230 2480-3020 2140-2230
Fixed teeth per
42 42 36 36
Maximum cutting
diameter mm (in)
200  (8) 200  (8) 200  (8) 200  (8)

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