Tree Stump Grinders

Tree stump removal is one of the more difficult tasks on the farm or in the field – unless you have the right equipment, that is. Hydraulic stump grinders from EZ Machinery attach to excavators or skid steers, and make short work of any tree stump. At EZ Machinery we are always seeking new ways to innovate and provide a better service to our customers, and our stump grinders are just one more way we’re meeting your needs.

We understand what a big task stump grinding can be  without the proper tree stump removal equipment, which is why we developed the EZ Stump It 300, EZ Stump It 500, EZ Stump It 600 and the Stump It 750 to uproot and remove even the biggest tree stumps.

For more information about our hydraulic stump grinder range, or to speak to someone about your specific needs, contact us online or call us on 1300 736 982.

Features of Stump Grinding Equipment

Whether you need stump grinding equipment for your landscaping business, want commercial stump grinder machines to make short work of stump removal on your farm, or need a bobcat stump grinder attachment to suit your current machinery, you’ll find the EZ Machinery range has what you need.

Commercial Tree Stump Grinder

At EZ Machinery, we manufacture quality products. Every one of our products is designed, tested and built in our warehouse in Brisbane, and our engineers work closely with our users to ensure that every product we make suits the needs of our hard-working customers.

EZ Machinery tree stumpers are built to last and have been developed with a range of features to ensure that they are high performance and manufactured to your needs.

  • Australian made
  • Three sizes to suit a range of applications
  • Built tough to suit the Australian environment
  • Direct drive motor
  • Standard Tree Grab built in two locations
  • Capable of providing up to an 8-inch deep cut
  • Billet bearing housing
  • Custom hitch
  • Compact design

When you are looking for a stump grinder for sale and need only the best stump grinding equipment, get in touch. Our commercial stump grinder machines are built tough and designed to last, so you know you’ll always get quality with EZ Machinery.

With a range of complementary products available as well, the tree stump grinder will add to your arsenal of effective machines and make short work of removing even the toughest tree stumps.


Industrial Tree Stump Grinder

The range of tree stump grinder machines from EZ Machinery are built tough and designed to remove even the most stubborn stumps and trees.

The Stump-it series comes in 300, 500, 600 and 700 diameter cutting discs which means you can handle tasks of every size.

  • The 500 is suited to 3-5T excavators. This attachment has a cutting diameter of 500mm and a 6-inch cut depth per pass.
  • The 600 is suited to 5-12T excavators and smaller skid steers and is perfect for a mid-sized landscaping business. With an 8-inch cut depth per pass, you can work more efficiently and effectively.
  • For heavy-duty landscaping, choose the 750. This is designed for 12-30T excavators and large skid steers. The unit is ideal for large landscaping jobs and has an 8-inch cut per pass.

Contact our Stump Grinder Specialists Today

The Stump It range has been developed to make short work of removing your tree stumps whether you have a tree service, arborist business, landscaping company or farm.

While it’s helpful to have a tree stump grinder as part of your machinery, you don’t need to buy a standalone grinder – the EZ machinery tree stump grinder attaches to your excavator or skid steer via our custom hitch. The skid steer stump grinder attachment is perfect when looking for a stumper attachment but also need to be able to travel around the job site with ease.

Not sure what size you need? Chat to one of our engineers or trained staff to find out which tree stump grinder would be best suited to your needs. Contact us on 1300 736 982 to find out more.

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