Water Tank Trailer

Carting water around your property or for your commercial operation is something that every rural or commercial organisation will have to do at some point, and the logistics of managing large volumes of water can be tough for some businesses or farmers to manage.

But moving water around is easy when you have a water tank trailer from EZ Machinery. Our durable water trailer is big enough to carry 5,000 litres of water with a top fill lid for ease of access. Whether you need access to more water for industrial use, for agricultural water trailer use or even in an emergency, a water trailer will help when you need it most. Invest in a quality product and enjoy years of reliable service from your portable water trailer.

High-Quality Mobile Water Tanks: Proudly Australian-Made

At EZ Machinery, we take a great deal of pride in working with only the best quality materials to provide you with a workable and durable solution. When quality matters, buy Australian-made with the water wagon trailer from EZ Machinery.

We are proudly Australian owned and all of our machinery is designed in Brisbane to meet the harsh conditions of the Australian workforce. If you need a specific custom-made piece of equipment, we can help with that too – our team of engineers are always looking for innovative ways to give you the best possible quality, and they love working with you to make sure you get exactly what you’re after. So whether you need a quality water tank or something custom built for your business, get in touch today on 1300 736 982 about our water hauling trailers to find your perfect mobile water tank solution.

When you buy a mobile water tank trailer from EZ machinery, you are guaranteed of a quality product that’s built to last.

+ Agricultural low ground pressure wheels and tyre – Navigating rough terrain is made easy with quality wheels and tyres.

+ Rear spray / fill connection – You can spray the ground behind the water trailer as you go, and have the option to fill the water tank trailer easily.

+ Checker plate walk platform – Enjoy access to your water trailer with the non-slip walk platform for easy filling.

+ Rear ladder – Safe and easy access to your water trailer.

+ Choice of pump options – Petrol, diesel or hydraulic.

+ Water trailer brake option available – So you can stay safe when parking, filling and loading your water trailer.

+ Multiple use application – Great for industrial, rural and emergency use.

+ Tight turning circle – Makes navigating around your property or work space easy.

+ Accessories for easy use – Optional filling funnel.

+ Quick release hitch – Don’t waste time uncoupling – thoughtful, practical details make all the difference.

+ Accurate tank level indicator – Never wonder how full the tank is.

The features of our water trailer are all designed to give you the best possible experience with your work equipment.

Choosing your portable water tank comes down to a few key things: manoeuvrability, size and material.

We offer custom solutions to suit your needs, and so if you’re after something unique for your water trailer, you can give us a call to discuss what you’re looking for. We can come up with an entirely new solution for you or add something extra to an existing water trailer.

At EZ Machinery, we are passionate about working with the agriculture and industrial trades and creating products to meet the ever-changing needs of these industries. Whether we’re developing a product to improve the quality of the soil for our farmers or working to deliver a fire-fighting water cart, we always aim for quality.

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