Mix Soils, Sand, Mulch and More!

Our EZ Ribbon Mixer is 100% Australian-made, and we design and manufacture each industrial mixer in our north Brisbane facility. This ensures compliance with Australian standards for quality and safety. We also design our industrial mixer for Australia’s tough environments, so you can rest assured they’ll always get the job done on the field.

With the EZ Machinery ribbon mixer, you can mix all manner of soils, sand, mulch, fertilisers, grouts, chemicals, peat moss and a range of other substrates. Mixing soils quickly and effectively is critical to many of our clients, which is why we developed this product. Every soil mixer, industrial mixer and mulch mixer from EZ Machinery comes with a range of features like bomber discharge doors that make emptying your machine easy.

You can link your industrial ribbon mixer with one of our bagging machines to truly enhance your efficiency and functionality, but the standalone design ensures that this is a machine you will prize for its simplicity and usefulness regardless of any other usage. Plus, if you have industrial soil mixing capacity that you need to cater to, the EZ Ribbon Mixer can handle it, thanks to the optional three-phase system integration.

Our EZ Ribbon Mixer features make mixing easy:

  1. Bomber discharge doors. This style of door makes it easy to empty materials from your mixer, allowing you to streamline your mixing process and scale up production quickly. It also makes clean-ups faster, allowing you clear materials in much less time, and provides access to hard-to-reach nooks and crannies so that you can remove any leftover materials from the previous mix.
  2. Linkable to the EZ Bag-It 30 Bagging Machine. Connect our EZ industrial ribbon mixer with the EZ Bag-It 30 machine, giving you a fast and efficient bagging process for your finished materials. Whether you’re transporting mixed soil to another site or producing blended materials for sale, this bag integration feature will help reduce production times and improve workflow.
  3. Single or Three-Phase System Integration. We design your EZ industrial ribbon mixer to accommodate single or three-phase systems. Single-phase drives are ideal for small projects and standard mixing, making them perfect for private or residential use. Three-phase drives, on the other hand, are ideal for demanding projects and industrial-level operations.
  4. Standalone design. The EZ soil and mulch ribbon mixer features a practical standalone design that lets you use it either by itself or with other machinery. This versatile design allows you to include it in your workflow whenever it’s needed, saving you time and resources in your production process. Whether you use it on its own or on top of the Bag-it 30 bagging machine to enable mixing and bagging in the one process, you’ll find our ribbon mixers to be one of the most versatile today.

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