EZ-50 Hydraulic Flail Mulcher

When using your 50-EZ hydraulic flail mulcher, you can attach it to excavators from 1.5 to 3 tonne, backhoes, and across skid steer loaders of most sizes. You can use standard and high flow hydraulics which means that the EZ-50 Mulcher is perfect for all types of machinery. Your EZ-50 mulcher is fitted with a direct drive motor and is plumbed specifically to suit your machine’s auxiliary.

The frame of the EZ-50 supports the 500mm wide swinging flail cutter drum. Each mulcher comes with three flails, two Y Blades and a single hammer or flat blade. These are attached to the cutter drum on a mounting lug. We have found that this combination is the most versatile and allows for precision general pruning and brush and grass cutting. You will also have the capacity to mulch branches up to 50mm in diameter.

Your flail mulcher is a great choice for pruning and grass cutting when you are in a populated area or near your home or business because any cut debris is directed down – and not out. Your flail mulcher is equipped to handle objects hidden in undergrowth, with the flail mulcher swinging back if it hits anything hard, so you avoid damage.

Your flail mulcher includes a range of features, including reversible flails which serves to prolong the service life of your blades. You will minimise replacement, but when you do need to replace your flails we have replacements in stock, so you’re never short.

  • Hydraulic motor: This motor is attached to the hydraulic output of your mulcher which means you get enhanced power delivery. To reduce shaking your machine is also fitted with anti-vibration mounts, which means superior mulching performance.
  • Custom hitch: Each mulcher comes with a custom hitch to suit your machine – whether it’s an excavator or backhoe – and you will enjoy lasting performance with unnecessary wear on the pins or bushes of your machine. If you are after a skid steer loader there may be an additional cost for this hitch.
  • High-pressure hoses: Your mulcher is fitted with two main hoses which are high pressure for inlet and outlet, and in most cases don’t need a case drain.
  • Built-in thumb saddle: You’ll love the built-in thumb saddle which, when combined with the optional thumb grab, means that you can pick up and remove obstacles like timber and rocks.

We manufacture all of our machinery in Brisbane, Australia and make our equipment tough to suit the rugged Australian conditions. You will enjoy machinery manufactured to last.

For further information on the 50-EZ Flail Mulcher including specifications and warranty, please contact us on 1300 736 982.

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