Get rid of tree stumps quickly and efficiently with an EZ Machinery Tree Stump Grinder doing all the work for you. Choose from our wide range of tough and reliable stump grinders that are built for fast and smooth tree stump grinding.

We offer a variety of models for both Hydraulic Stump Grinders and PTO Stump Grinders, so you can pick the right one for the job. Our Hydraulic rage includes the EZ Stump It 300, EZ Stump It 500, EZ Stump It 600 and the Stump It 750. Our PTO Range includes the EZ-650-PTO, the EZ-750-PTO, and the EZ-900-PTO. Whichever EZ Machinery stump grinder you choose, it will help you make short work of your stump grinding task and make your life easier on the field.

Browse through our range of EZ Machinery stump grinders to find the perfect unit for your work.

Hydraulic Stump Grinders

Need a tough and reliable stump grinder that’s perfect for landscaping, farm work, or commercial and industrial jobs? The EZ Hydraulic Stump Grinder is for you. We offer a variety of hydraulic stump grinders to suit different needs, giving you more choices for finding the right unit for your work. Whether you need to clear stubborn tree stumps from your property or remove a massive tree stump onsite, you’ll find a model in our range to suit your needs.

PTO Stump Grinders

If you want extra grinding power from your stump grinder, the EZ Machinery PTO stump grinder may be what you’re looking for. A PTO stump grinder channels power directly from your tractor and applies it directly on a tree stump, letting you grind and cut down a stump faster and more efficiently. Our EZ PTO Stump Grinders also come with more teeth than your typical stump grinder, which offers smoother grinding and cutting. We offer a variety of PTO stump grinders for different motor capacities and applications, so you can choose the right model for your job.

Why Choose EZ Machinery

Made in Australia

We build all our stump grinders in our high-tech facility in Brisbane, ensuring their top quality and compliance with Australian Standards. By designing and building our machines ourselves, we know that you’ll get a reliable stump grinder no matter which model you get.

Incredibly Tough and Durable

Our EZ stump grinders are built to take a beating on the field and still get the job done. With its heavy-duty materials and efficient design, our stump grinders are exceptionally tough and durable, giving you a machine you can always count on for years.


Looking for a specific feature or accessory to go with your EZ stump grinder? No problem at all – we can customise it to have the exact features you want. Because we design and build these machines ourselves, we can custom design the stump grinder you’ve always wanted.

Easy Setup

Get a stump grinder that you can attach and set up quickly with your existing machinery. Pair our EZ stump grinder easily with your excavator, skid steer, or tractor and get the job done faster on the field. Whichever unit you get, you’ll have no trouble setting it up with your other machines and equipment.

Built for Australia Conditions

Because Australia has some of the harshest and most rugged environments in the world, we make sure that your EZ stump grinder is built for these conditions. With the EZ stump grinder, you can rest assured that you can tackle almost any size or type of tree stump out there.

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