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Performance, strength, and durability are our focus at EZ Machinery, and our flail mulchers are no different. Whether you’re pruning large trees or clearing a rough path, our hydraulic tree mulchers will help you do the job quickly. Flail mulcher attachments fit excavators, skid steer loaders and backhoes.

Read more about each tree and forestry mulchers in our collection to find the right unit for your requirements. For more information, please call us on 1300 736 982 or send us a message online.

Hydraulic Tree and Forestry Mulcher Features

EZ mulchers use both standard and high flow hydraulics, incorporating a reliable, high-performance direct drive motor with no need for aftermarket cooling. The design incorporates superior weight and balance which enables extraordinary mobility for clearing embankments, creeks and under bridges.

+ Designed for excavators, backhoes and most sizes of skid steer loaders.

+ Built to Australian standards – Each tree mulcher is designed, manufactured & assembled in our South-East Qld facility.

+ High-quality reversible flail blades – Blades are Italian-made and designed to last longer than standard flail blades.

+ Reliability – We’ve designed the billet bearing housing and drum structures to maximise performance and reliability.

+ Custom-built hitch – Prevents unnecessary wearing of pins and bushes.

+ Anti-vibration mounts – Replaces belts and pulleys to reduce vibration more effectively.

+ Built-in thumb saddle – Lets you pick up or drag debris easily when paired with the optional hydraulic thumb grab.

+ Solid steel build – For superior toughness and durability.

The EZ Tree Mulcher Range

Your model selection will be determined by a combination of your machine size and the type of vegetation.


  • Cutting diameter 50mm
  • For machines weighing 1.5 to 3 tonnes
  • Supports 500mm-wide cutter drums
  • Number of flails: 12


  • Cutting diameter 50mm
  • For machines weighing 3 to 5 tonnes
  • Supports 750mm-wide cutter drums
  • Number of flails: 24


  • Cutting diameter 75mm
  • For machines weighing 5 to 12 tonnes
  • Supports up to 1000mm-wide cutter drums
  • Number of flails: 30


  • Cutting diameter 100mm
  • For machines weighing 12 tonnes and higher
  • Supports up to 1250-mm wide cutter drums
  • Number of flails: 42

EZ Skid Steer Mulcher In Operation

Why Choose an EZ Hydraulic Tree Mulcher For The Job?

Safer Cutting and Tree Clearing

EZ’s hydraulic forestry mulcher cuts downward, not outward. This makes it ideal for pruning trees or clearing grass in populated areas. This mechanism also helps reduce accidents and injuries from wayward debris and materials. Hydraulic forestry mulchers also provide better control when clearing large areas and cutting high branches.


Tree Mulchers for Superior Cutting

EZ’s tree and forestry mulchers are among the most efficient tools for cutting tree parts or clearing large spaces. It can cut through branches and rough overgrowth in seconds, letting you clear large foliage faster and easier than manual cutting. When coupled with the right machinery, flail mulchers allow cutting of difficult or hard-to-reach areas.


Powerful hydraulic mulcher

Powered by direct drive hydraulic motors, our tree mulcher range cuts through tough branches and stubborn debris up to 200mm diameter.

Get a Powerful Hydraulic Forestry Mulcher for Your Job

If you’re looking for a powerful hydraulic forestry mulcher for cutting branches and clearing land, then our EZ mulcher delivers everything you need. Whether you’re pruning hard-to-reach tree branches or clearing debris on worksites, our industrial tree mulcher completes the job quickly. Check each model’s specs and features to find out more. If you require more information about our EZ forestry mulcher, please call us on 1300 736 982 to or contact one of our product specialists online today.

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