EZ Mixer Range – Soil, Mulch & Product Mixers

The EZ Mixer Machine range of soil, mulch and product mixers are a cost effective and efficient way to mix, aerate or blend products. The standard unit easily integrates into the EZ Bag-It 30, allowing cost effective, fast and efficient processing and bagging. The EZ Mixer Range can be easily adapted to stand alone, allowing a flexing mixing/ aerating/ blending solution to your existing process.

Bomber discharge doors enable fast transition of product and ease of cleaning. The interchangeable paddle design enables you to fine tune your process requirements. Systems can be designed to incorporate 240V single or 3 phase drives depending on application.

Why choose EZ Soil Mixers?

Our soil mixer machines are designed for handling a wide range of products, giving you versatile machines for a variety of activities in agriculture, excavations, and roadwork. Whether you’re mixing substrate with your soil or combining different materials to create a special blend, our soil mixer is perfect for efficiency and economy. Call us on 1300 736 982 for more detailed information on the benefits of our EZ soil mixers.

Features of EZ Soil Mixers

You can use our EZ Soil Mixers to mix a variety of materials and substances:

  • All types of soil
  • Sand
  • Mulch
  • Fertiliser
  • Grouts
  • Feed stock
  • Chemicals
  • Peat moss
  • Other potting materials
  • Other substrates

Heavy-Duty Soil Mixers from EZ Machinery

If you’re looking for a tough yet easy-to-use soil mixer for your project, our EZ Soil Mixer is the one.

We’ve built our soil and mulch mixer to handle a wide variety of soils and materials, giving you a reliable, versatile mixer that you can use for different projects. Whether you’re after a industrial soil paddle mixer for commercial use or a landscape supplies mixer for agricultural projects and heavy yard work, you’ll find our mixer to be incredibly useful.

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