EZ Skid Steer Slasher that Gets the Job Done

Clear grass and low ground shrubs in no time with the EZ Skid Steer Slasher. Designed for speed, performance, and durability, the EZ Skid Steer Slasher is ideal for ground clearing and site preparation. Attach this slasher to your skid loader and clear all sorts of shrubs and greenery faster than ever. 

With its heavy-duty construction, durable materials, and user-friendly features, the EZ Skid Steer Slasher is suitable for wide range of landscaping and earthmoving projects. Use it for agricultural work, roadwork, parks maintenance, and any other job that requires quick and efficient ground slashing.

100% Australian-made

The EZ Skid Steer Slasher is designed and manufactured in our Brisbane facility, ensuring its quality, consistency, and performance. We design and build everything ourselves to make sure it meets our standards and gets the job done no matter what you use it for. 

Heavy-duty materials

We build the EZ Skid Steer Slasher with heavy-duty materials and smart designs, so they can take a beating on the field and help you get the job done fast. Whether you’re cutting tall grass or clearing stubborn shrubs and greenery, this unit will help you slash your way through quickly. 


Because we design and build everything ourselves, we can customise your EZ Skid Steer Slasher to suit your skid steer loader or specifications. Get the skid steer slasher that provides the features you need to make your job easier. 

Need more information?

If you want to get the EZ Skid Steer Slasher or simply find out more about this unit, call 1300 736 982or contact us today to get started. We can provide more information or answer any questions you might have and provide our recommendations. 

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