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Make efficiency a core part of your operation with the EZ Loader Load Out conveyor belt. This solid piece of equipment can sync with your other packing and loading equipment so you can work faster and more efficiently than ever.

  • Increase productivity– The EZ Loader Load Out Conveyor gives you the tools to get the job done on time, every time. Enjoy features like linear actuator height control and variable speed to work effortlessly and more ergonomically.
  • Tough and long-lasting – Our conveyor belt is built tough and designed to keep going long after you’re ready to stop for the day. If you are looking for a conveyor belt that is durable and will keep performing year after year, the EZ Loader is what you need.
  • Multi-purpose – Whether you’re loading produce or unloading supplies, the EZ Loader will be a welcome addition to your production line. Use it for any task or application that requires fast production or assembly. And even though it is not a full vertical conveyor belt, the EZ Loader makes getting goods from one level to the next efficient and safe.

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The conveyor belt from EZ Machinery is built tough and designed to keep going long after you’re ready to stop for the day. It can be adjusted with linear actuator height control, and with 240V power and variable speed drive, you’ll enjoy the benefits of using the EZ Machinery in a range of applications.

Usages of EZ Conveyor Belt


The EZ Loader Load Out Conveyor really steps up your production scale and speed when packing and loading seed, grain and other bulk goods.

Its ergonomic loading allows you to move from variable heights and load directly into the truck without having to lift bags manually. When used in conjunction with our bagging machines, our mobile conveyor belt will let you enjoy much smoother packing and haulage.

Our products are built tough and can handle almost any produce or material. Whether you’re bagging manure, cattle feed, or working to bag up and transport anything else – like aggregate, bark, sand or soil – the EZ Loader Load Out conveyor belt will help you get the job done quickly.

Like you, we focus on speed and efficiency, and we are committed to providing the right conveyor belt solutions to suit your needs.


Working with large scale projects is made easier with the EZ Loader.

Make short work of transporting materials and bags to loading areas while enjoying smoother transitions between different stages in your production line.

Our belt conveyor is tough, high-performing and easy to use – just what you need for a mining conveyor belt. The EZ Loader is also a portable conveyor belt, allowing you to move it to different loading sites easily as required.


The EZ Loader makes loading and transporting goods simple and effortless.

Pack and move soils, gardening materials and landscaping supplies faster and with less effort than before.

Cut your time working with vast amounts of bulk materials, and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible with our ergonomic and full-featured conveyor belt.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, the EZ Load Out conveyor can help you provide relief quickly and efficiently. Add our conveyor belt to your assembly line to pack and load supplies or relief materials in much less time.

Sync it with appropriate bagging machines for even faster packing, assembling, and loading or unloading of supplies for disaster recovery. And because it is a mobile conveyor belt, you can set it up on your property or onsite in the relief area very easily.

Customise Your Conveyor Belt

Looking for a conveyor belt that matches your work in your farm, worksite or out in the field?

We can create a custom conveyor belt solution to suit your exact specifications and requirements. A customised conveyor belt from EZ Machinery will give you the features and performance you need to get your job done as fast as possible.

  • Australian-made – All our machines are designed and manufactured in our Brisbane facility. This ensures our machines meet Australian standards for quality. Our team of engineers will work closely with you to make sure our machinery meets your needs.
  • Highly trained staff – We have highly trained staff and technicians who produce our quality machinery. We often take calls from clients who are looking for a machine to work in with their current set up, or who want a completely new build to suit a particular function. Whatever features you want to add, our team can help you get it.
  • Designed and manufactured to your needs – We understand that everyone has different needs in their production line. Our team will help you get a machine that provides all the features and specifications to help you do your job faster and more easily than ever.

EZ Machinery Are Your Conveyor Belt Suppliers

If you are after a portable conveyor, get in touch with us at EZ Machinery. We have a conveyor belt for sale that’s bound to suit your specifications, and if you would like a custom product, we can help to create something for you.

As your trusted conveyor belt suppliers, we offer machinery suited to the rugged and demanding conditions of the Australian workplace and deliver every time.

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