Making Sandbags for Disaster Relief

Australia is a country of extremes. While it might be snowing and freezing in one part of the country, another part might be experiencing a heatwave. Or it might be flooding. We are hardened people, us Aussies, and we know how to manage adversity.

One of the biggest threats we face almost every year is the risk of floods. Few things are as catastrophic as a bad flood, which can wipe out farmland and small towns very easily.

At EZ Machinery, we know the challenge of trying to ward off the next natural disaster, and we provide machinery that can do double duty in the event of a flood or similar catastrophe.

We have tough and long-lasting bagging machines that can bag sand quickly so you can fortify your assets and protect your property as required.  Whether it be for local Council, State or Federal Government, civil construction, state emergency service or any form of disaster relief, our sandbag machines will give you an efficient and reliable tool for dealing with disasters and tough times.

Using Sandbags for Managing Floods

Floods are a sobering reminder that our fates are in the hands of nature. While there is little you can do when flood waters overrun a property, you can keep flood waters at bay with the help of sandbags.

But you need to act fast and place sandbags in the right places to direct flood waters effectively or minimise their impact on your property.

Our EZ Bag-it 30 can help you create sandbags for disaster relief quickly, helping you prepare and respond to a flood risk sooner rather than later. It offers a complete solution for your bagging and sealing requirements, ensuring you can safely allocate enough sandbags for disaster relief and deliver disaster recovery efforts in time.

The simplest solution is often the most effective, and it’s the same when it comes to dealing with floods. Sandbagging is a highly effective method of blocking up water, and it can save you thousands of dollars in repairs if you act early enough. And while there’s often little more you can do than sandbag up your home, it will help keep the rising waters at bay to minimise its impact on your property.

Benefits of Using Sandbags for Floods and Disaster Relief

Sandbags are among the most useful tools for flood management preparation and disaster recovery efforts.

They are incredibly useful in reducing the impact of flooding on your home or business, and they can be used in a variety of ways to suit different circumstances.

  • Sandbags can help keep water at bay. Although sandbags are not going to act as a watertight seal, they can reduce the amount of water that can enter your property. This can significantly reduce the damage your property will incur when a flood hits your home.
  • Sandbags are cheap and easy to fill. Because they’re affordable and convenient to make, sandbags are a great option for protecting your home and managing the threat of rising waters. They can be prepared quickly and don’t require a big budget or a lot of time to make.
  • Sandbags can make clean-ups faster. By helping reduce the water entering your property, sandbags can also help reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do once the flood subsides. Using sandbags for disaster relief can be the difference between a huge mess and a mop job.

If you’re looking for a reliable, no-fuss bagging machine for flood management preparation, our EZ Bag-it machines are the machines for you. Use it to load 20 kg or 25 kg sandbags quickly for flood relief and disaster recovery efforts, and add it to your line of equipment so you’re always ready during flood season.

Sandbags and flood management | EZ Machinery

Flood Management Preparation Solutions

Bulka Bag | EZ Machinery

We are lucky in Australia that we are home to some of the most beautiful lands in the world. But with this beauty comes a volatility that we must be equipped to handle. Flood management preparation requires a concise plan where you have all the possible bases covered. Aside from a proper evacuation plan, you also need to have a contingency plan in place that includes things like:

  • Sufficient supply of water and food in case you become isolated and cut off
  • Emergency batteries and a power source like a generator
  • Enough petrol for your car and generator
  • Sandbags ready to go in the event of rapidly rising water
  • An emergency radio and/or satellite phone
  • A plan for flood management including a time to evacuate

Prevention is always better than a cure, and it’s the same when preparing for floods and natural disasters. The more prepared you are, the better you can avoid costly damage and risks. By having the right equipment always on hand, you can act quickly and minimise the effects of a disaster as much as possible.

About The Ez Machinery Range of Sandbagging Equipment

Our sandbaggers and semi-automated bagging machines are built to be rugged and reliable. They can bag sand quickly so you can fortify your assets and protect your property as required.

We supply these machines to local councils, state & federal governments, civil construction companies, state emergency services – anyone involved in disaster relief.

Our sandbag machines will give you an efficient and reliable tool for dealing with disasters, just what you need during those challenging times.

Call 1300 736 982 or send us a message to get the right bagging machine for you. You can also find out more our bagging machines to learn how they can help in your disaster recovery efforts. 

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