Flail Mulcher Range

EZ Machinery’s assortment of Hydraulic Flail Mulchers are engineered to make challenging tasks simple. Ideal for land clearing, vegetation management, or routine property maintenance, our Flail Mulchers are renowned for their resilience, efficiency, and enduring performance.

Manufactured in our Brisbane warehouse, we engineer our machinery and attachments to withstand Australia’s often harsh and rigorous conditions, promising longevity and robustness.

Our catalogue features four superior flail mulchers, each designed to meet your diverse needs: the EZ-50 Mulcher, EZ-75 Mulcher, EZ-100 Mulcher and the EZ-125 Mulcher. These mulchers are heavy-duty and versatile, capable of handling especially heavy grasses and brush to efficiently turning it into mulch.

Whether you’re dealing with grass, debris, or brush, our machines are adaptable and suitable attachments for whatever vehicle you may have, from large to smaller excavators or skid steer loaders. So don’t delay – take a look at our range and get started ordering yours today.

Flail Mowers Australia

Our swinging flail mulchers aren’t just machines; they are a commitment to quality and relentless performance. The swing mechanisms of our mulchers are designed for robustness, allowing for the smooth operation of your excavator even in the face of challenging terrains and tough debris. Furthermore, their Y blades are advantageous as they guarantee maximum efficiency in managing your lawn and diverse vegetation. Whatever mulching job you need done, you can trust in the steadfast performance of your Flail Mower from EZ Machinery.

We invite you to explore our variety of available Flail Mulchers – and remember, we’re at your service to address any inquiries about our equipment you may have.

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Our frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the EZ-50, EZ-75, EZ-100, and EZ-125 mulchers?

Each of our mulchers, from the EZ-50 to the EZ-125, is crafted with the same commitment to resilience and efficiency. However, they differ in certain features and capabilities specifically tailored to meet a variety of requirements. For comprehensive specifications of each model, we encourage you to visit our product pages for more information and reach out to us if you have any questions.

How do the Y blades on your mulchers enhance efficiency?

Our Y blades are meticulously designed to maximise mulching efficiency. Their distinctive shape and build enable them to produce a more uniform and refined mulch. This design ensures a comprehensive mulching experience, even when dealing with a mix of vegetation types.

What kind of warranty or after-sales service do you offer?

At EZ Machinery, we’re not just selling products; we’re building trust. Every Flail Mulcher we offer comes backed with a warranty, affirming its quality and durability. Moreover, our dedicated after-sales service team is always on standby, ready to assist and address any concerns or questions you may encounter post-purchase.

How long is the delivery time once I place an order?

The delivery timeframe can vary, depending on both the specific Flail Mulcher model you choose and your geographical location. Rest assured, when you place an order, our responsive team will offer an estimated delivery schedule to ensure you know when to expect your machinery.

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