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What is soil structure and why is it important?

As farmers you know the importance of soil in all that you do. At EZ Machinery, we are committed to protecting and developing the quality of the soils in Australia. As part of this, we wanted to take some time to talk about the importance of soil structure in agriculture and explain how our machines play a role in ensuring the future of your farm for generations.   What is soil structure? When we’re talking about soil structure, we’re referring to the arrangement of your soil particles, the different materials in your soil, and the oxygen contained in your soil. […]

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How to improve soil quality in Australia

Australian farmers depend on soil. They rely on the quality of the soil they are using to produce quality crops and feed for livestock and to sustain our way of life. Healthy soil requires biological, chemical and physical properties working in combination to promote the health and quality of plants, animals and humans. In Queensland, we have a large number of agricultural zones which produce wheat, sorghum, maize, barley, and a range of other crops. We depend on our soils, and it is important that they are managed sustainably so that the salts and mineral levels in them are kept[…]