Queensland Farmers

Things only Queensland farmers understand

When you’re out and working on the land, it’s tough. There’s no denying it. But it’s also deeply rewarding, and we want to recognise the commitment, dedication and ongoing struggle that you go through every day.

At EZ Machinery we’re committed to the growth and development of Queensland’s agricultural industry and are here to support and help you out in every way possible. We do this by ensuring that every piece of EZ Machinery equipment is robust, durable, and built tough to ensure that you have the best tools at your disposal no matter what job you’re tackling.


There are actually four things that are certain in life

While most people will say that there are two certainties in life – death and taxes – we know there are actually four. Death, taxes, drought, and the fact that droughts will end. The only thing we’re not certain about is when that drought will end!

But the fact is that no matter how the media portrays farmers as dealing with drought, you’re resilient and know how to manage your farm to prepare for drought – whether that’s putting feed away to last you, or culling stock, or planting different crops; and you’re sure that no matter what, this drought will finally end.


You’ll pause at 12.50pm every day for the ABC Country Hour

The ABC Country Hour is a ritual in many farming families across the country, and in Queensland, we listen in from midday – but we make sure we save a good ear for the last ten minutes when it’s the market report. This report holds some of the best titbits and is essential listening for anyone looking for the lowdown on the best prices for cows and grain.


Spending hours in the ute to go into town is nothing

You’re out in the country, and things are remote – and while you might stock up on supplies monthly, there’s the odd occasion where you do need to head into town to pick up a few things. And when this happens, there’s nothing to it for spending five hours in the ute to grab what you need.

Our more urban farming counterparts might not have quite this much of a commute, but the farmers in the rural and far-flung spots know what the deal is! Either way, so long as you’ve got a comfortable seat, the radio on, and the dog next to you the hours are going to fly by.


You’re… sceptical about indoor animals

When it comes to people living in the cities and keeping pets in their homes, you just don’t really go for it. As far as you’re concerned, animals are great to have around, but they certainly do not go any further indoors than the front porch.


You’re obsessed with the weather

Absolutely obsessed. For you, the weather is not small talk – it’s actually your livelihood and is a critical part of your business succeeding. For you, the weather is vital. While city people might make small-talk about the weather, you’re more concerned with making sure that you know what conditions are going to be like for the next month so you can plan ahead.

Rain is great, but flooding is right behind it – so you need to be prepared for every eventuality.


You’re not in this for the money

You knew from the start that farming is never going to be about the money. While it’s certainly part of the plan to make a living, you are a farmer in Queensland because of the freedom of being out in the open fields, taking your child or grandchildren out in the tractor and the feeling you get when you know you’re providing for your family.


At EZ Machinery, we are committed to providing support for our Aussie farmers and providing top-quality farming and agricultural equipment to our valued customers. If you would like to know more about any of our range of products, please get in touch. Call us on 1300 736 982 or send an enquiry online.

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