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How does a bagging machine work?

Whether it’s for small scale productions or a commercial-size operation, a bagging machine can make light work of packing a variety of materials from an extensive range of industries, including agriculture, landscaping, foodstuffs, and earthmoving. The convenience of these machines to handle the time consuming and heavily laborious task of bagging product with speed and accuracy, is another reason why a bagging machine should be the next addition to your operation.

What do they do, and how do they work?

Bagging machine systems are used to automatically fill and seal products inside a bag or pouch. Automatic bagging machines can be used to fulfil a variety of requirements and for a range of purposes, particularly in circumstances that require the efficient packaging of mass quantities of product.

Whether you’re bagging animal feed, manure, or working with other materials such as sand, gravel, grains or soil, speed and efficiency is the goal. Bagging machines offer the opportunity for larger-scale operations in industry, agriculture, and commercial volumes in both static and versatile mobile capacities. 

Our Bag-It range offers eight high-quality bagging and packing machines that provide a complete solution for bagging and sealing any product.

The EZ Machinery range of bagging machines includes:

Sand bagging machine

As we approach storm season, and the risk of flash flooding (see our disaster recovery equipment) returns as an all too familiar element of the Australian summer, sandbags are a necessary accessory to have on hand or at the very least be able to be assembled on mass and quickly. 

So, what’s the best thing to fill a sandbag with? The answer is simple. A reliable sand bagging machine, like those of the Bag-It range can pack a wide variety of sand types, including silica sand, dry sand, packing sand, white brick sand, concrete sand, silver sand, filter sand, silt, and many others. 

An automatic sandbag machine will make short work of bagging and packing these materials while also ensuring a seamless experience for you in your bulk handling and packaging needs. Additionally, a portable sandbag filler or mobile bagging machine are also available from the Bag-it range which assists with on-the-go bagging requirements and can be incredibly effective for emergency sandbagging in the event of extreme weather conditions that may result in flooding. 

Why choose EZ Machinery?

All EZ Machinery products are 100% designed and manufactured by us in our North Brisbane facility and are made to meet Australian standards while also ensuring quality control and safety for our customers is consistent across the board. Our machines are built to be extra durable and long lasting so you can rest easy knowing and trusting that they will get the job done every time. We offer some of the best and most cost-effective machines available on the market, and pride ourselves on providing high-quality products, features and systems at reasonable prices. 

For more information about sand bagging machines or to enquire about how these products can best fulfil your needs, speak to one of our EZ Machinery specialists today by contacting us on 1800 604 809. 

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