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How to help drought-stricken farmers in Australia

The drought in Australia has lasted a long time and is still causing havoc in the Australian outback. Even though the media may have lessened its coverage of the weather conditions in Australia, our farmers are still doing it tough.

We know that our Aussie farmers have the resilience and fortitude to get through anything, but it’s not without the help of everyday Australians to support them. When it comes to the drought, you might feel helpless and wonder how you can help, which is why we have compiled some of the most useful information and put it all in the one place.

Read on to find out about how you can help Aussie farmers:


Give to a Charity

When you read about the drought in the news, there’s often this massive outpouring of sympathy, and money, towards the affected parties. You can help by ensuring that you give your money to an organisation who is actually contributing 100% of the money towards the farmers.

Crowdfunding pages, while they are helpful, will often take a percentage of the money which is raised. So you’re going to see a loss. Plus there’s the issue that you never really know who or what you are giving to with crowdfunding. So it’s far better to give to a registered charity.

Charities like Aussie Helpers, Rural Aid, Buy a Bale, Drought Angels, and the Lions Club’s Need for Feed are all out there on the ground, going to wherever they need to to help farmers – these are the charities you can trust.


Help People in Rural Township Areas – Not Just Farmers

When farmers don’t have enough money to buy more feed or equipment, that affects the farmers, but the store owners and the proprietors are affected as well. They’re not making sales.

What you can do to help is to support charities that are committed to providing gift cards or pre-paid cards so that farmers can spend money in their local community. Local businesses are a key part of the farming community, so keep in mind that when you support local business, you’re supporting Aussie farmers too.

  • Cash card donations allow people to spend money where they need it, which means that they can spend money on food, fuel, or bits and pieces.
  • When people have the freedom to spend money as they choose, it leads to greater support for the whole community.


Don’t Want to Give to Charity? Can’t Afford to? Here Are Some Other Ways to Help

It might not be the case that you have enough money to help Aussie farmers – but there are other ways you can contribute.

  • Sign up your workplace – you do not have to go it alone! Think about getting your workplace on board so that every time someone makes a coffee or has a coffee pod, they donate a dollar to help the farmers. It doesn’t have to be a huge contribution, because every little bit helps!
  • Get your child’s school to have a gold coin free dress day – think about getting people on board through your child’s school or kindy. A gold coin donation for a bake-a-thon can go a long way – and everyone gets greater awareness about the drought.
  • Volunteer with an Aussie farmer – you can actually get out and give your time to an Aussie farmer by volunteering.


EZ Machinery is On Board for Aussie Farmers for Life

At EZ Machinery, we are committed to providing support to our Australian farmers with the best quality equipment and machinery we can produce. Our agricultural machinery is built tough to last and is created with the harsh conditions of the Australian outback in mind.

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