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Little-known uses for your EZ Bagging Machine

The EZ Machinery automated bagging machine is designed to make short work of all your bagging needs. Whether you’re looking to bag up your landscaping materials – such as aggregate, stone, minerals, soil, or fertiliser; or if you are using your bagging machine for grain and feed – you will know the value that one of these bagging machines can bring to the efficiency of your operation.

Did you know there are a range of other uses for your bagging machine that can make short work of other tasks as well? We wanted to go through some of the benefits of the EZ Machinery bagging machines in the hopes that it helps you to make the most of these great products.


Distributing feed around the property

When you have a large property, you will know how big the job is of getting around to all of your stock and getting them feed. With the EZ bagging machine, you can quickly and easily do up sacks of feed which can be carted on a four-wheeler with ease.

This makes getting around to all your stock simple and means that you won’t have mess or fuss when feeding time comes.


Emergency services

A key use of the bagging machine can be seen when flood waters start to rise – you can use your bagging machine to make sandbags to protect your home and property. Thanks to the capacity of the EZ Machinery bagging machine, you have the power to make hundreds of sandbags in a short space of time – compared to hand shovelling or filling!

Sometimes floods happen without warning, and this is when the EZ bagging machine will come into its own.


Road construction

Need to make a sediment trap or provide some barrier weights? The bagging machine from EZ makes filling bags simple and ensures that you are taking care of business quickly and easily. You can use your bagging machine to fill bags with rocks, soil, sand, or whatever material suits your purpose.

Then, it’s just a matter of constructing the wall or trap you need to make, with the peace of mind knowing that your bags will hold everything in place.



When it comes to making a retaining wall that is going to hold its position, there are few options which are as quick and easy as bags full of rock or sand. You can bag up your fill and put it into place, making it simple for you to construct your retaining wall – saving you time and money.

These are just a couple of the uses for your EZ machinery bagging machines. You can take a look at the range of bagging machines we have on offer – from the Bag-It 15 through to the Bag-it 30, with the Compac-50 equipped to handle the toughest tasks. The De-Bagger makes short work of emptying and decanting bulk bags where discharge by weight or volume is needed.


Want to know more about our range? Call us today on 1300 736 982 to find out more and see what EZ Machinery can do for you.

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